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Girt by CNET: The Australian CNET podcast, episode 2

This week the Girters take aim at Samsung's Noteworthy delays, look at the ACCC ruling about the GoCatch app and roadtest Telstra's 700MHz -- and of course discuss the new iPad range.


Girt by CNET keeps on trucking with a brand new episode. This week, Seamus, Luke, Lexy and Nic talk about the recent ACCC ruling on a taxi company not wanting to use the goCatch app, look at some real-world road testing of Telstra's 700MHz 4G network on the iPhone 6 and get sad about the delays hitting the Samsung Note 4 and Edge.

And, of course, the new iPad line announced overnight gets a look in as well.

Girt by CNET: episode 2

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