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Girt by CNET returns for 2015 with podcast 12

We're back, baby, and we're exactly as big as we were last year. The Girters kick off 2015 with a look at all big news from CES in Las Vegas and some local streaming news.

Clear your schedules: Girt by CNET, the weekly tech round-up from the CNET Australian team, is back.

We kick off the year with a big look at the 2015 International Consumer Electronic Show -- CES to it's close friends. Every January, the Las Vegas Convention Center fills with industry and tech enthusiasts as manufacturers vie for you precious attention (and dollars). We break down some of the big trends from CES 2015.

But wait -- that's not all. This year's CES saw the addition of a whole new show area at the Sands Exhibition Hall. Called Tech West, this was a hotbed of innovation gadgetry, much of crowd-funded. We chat about some of the cooler gear on show.

Girt by CNET podcast 12

But away from Sin City, the world was still turning and turn it did when it came to video streaming services in Australia. With news from both Netflix and Presto, 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year when it comes to competing video-on-demand services.

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