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Metadata: Just the fax please, plus Apple earnings and Saints Row recalled in Girt by CNET podcast 14

More entertainment from the on-going three-ring metadata circus, Apple now significantly richer than Croesus, Saints Row IV is re-elected and recalled, and Qantas offer VR in the skies.

The metadata committee hearing turned momentarily comedic when we learned that the majority of police requests for metadata come via fax. The laughter continues thanks to Member of Parliament Philip Ruddock and his remarkable grasp of modern technology.

Apple's earnings are in and the figures beggar belief. The iPhone-maker's quarterly profits are now more than any other company ever in the history of people caring about company profits. If only they could be persuaded to cough up a little more tax to the ATO.

Saints Row IV was the first game to be refused classification after the R18 rating had passed into law. Now the remastered version of the game -- Saints Row IV: Re-elected has been recalled due to classification issues...

Girt by CNET Podcast 14

Finally, we take a quick look at Xbox and the new Digital Tuner coming to Australia soon, as well as wonder if we'll ever be able to experience the Qantas Gear VR entertainment service, considering we're not exactly first class flyers.

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