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Getting more detailed with the 'Watchmen' iPhone game

I sat down with game designer Jeff Morgan from Last Legion Games to get a few more details on the game.

Last Legion Games

A couple days ago I posted a blogon the "Watchmen" iPhone game known as Watchmen: Justice is Coming. The game releases March 6, same as the "Watchmen" movie.

I sat down with game designer Jeff Morgan from Last Legion Games to get a few more details on the game. And by "sat down" I mean e-mailed Warner Premiere, had them forward my questions to Jeff, who then graciously sent them back to Warner, who then sent them to me. Thanks to Warner Premiere and Last Legion Games for sending, replying to and forwarding those e-mails.

BTW, this is Jeff Morgan. Not to be confused with Jeffrey Dean Morgan of "Watchmen" fame. Hmmm, or maybe it is him!

Crave: Since this is an MMO, in what ways can players improve their characters? New items/weapons/clothes/vehicles?

Jeff Morgan: The initial roll-out will be an advanced release where players can upgrade their fighting abilities, change their appearance, gain experience points, socialize with other players, and keep record of their achievements.

Once the world becomes populated we'll do continuous server-side play balancing and evaluate what the players would like to see in future updates of the game.

Crave: Will any players be capable Dr. Manhattan-like powers?

Morgan: Watchmen: Justice is Coming does not introduce Dr. Manhattan-like powers. We are exploring ways of introducing his powers into possible future expansions, but it would have to make sense within the universe.

Crave: How deep is the fighting system? Is it simple punch and kick? How are you striving to make the fighting immersive?

Morgan: Watchmen: Justice is Coming is a turn-based fighting game where players choose 1 of 3 possible attack skills per wave of battle. The skill set that you bring to the battle game is customizable. Battle gameplay incorporates four layers:

1) The experience level of your character will influence your fighting abilities; higher level players will survive longer, with more powerful attacks.
2) Attacks use a unique profile that balances attack power with defense power - some attacks will do a lot of damage and expose you to counter attacks, while others will provide you with more cover.
3) Some attacks are more effective if launched first, others are stronger if they strike last.
4) The game also incorporates an advantaging system that rewards players based on how their attack skills match-up.

It's a casual combat engine using an advanced rock, paper, and scissors rule set. These simplistic set of rules allow us to ensure the combat system works over the EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi network on an iPhone. Once we get enough people in the world and further identify network instability issues, we'll look at more advanced and strategic combat techniques.

Crave: Will other established "Watchmen" characters show up in the game?

Morgan: Watchmen: Justice is Coming contains a unique storyline where Watchmen characters make brief and subtle appearances.

Crave: Will there be controllable vehicles?

Morgan: There are no personal vehicles in the game. Watchmen: Justice is Coming has a subway system so you can move between parts of New York City.

Crave: How will the world change as you play? How will you insure that the changes do not deviate from the source material?

Morgan: The city will not change dramatically; waves of criminals will appear in certain areas of the game at different times. The world however, will be populated with other players moving freely throughout, changing their appearance as they progress.

Crave: How much will the game cost?

Morgan: Details are going to be announced soon about availability and price. Stay tuned.