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Get Webware in your pocket

Got an iPhone or other mobile device? Check out Webware and other CNET sites on that now too.

CNET Networks / Josh Lowensohn

Just a quick note to let you know Webware publisher CNET has a new iPhone-optimized version of its site that went live earlier Tuesday. As a result you can now read our stories a little easier while on the go.

To get there, just navigate to on your phone and it will automatically detect that you're using Safari and give you a finger-friendly version of all of CNET's properties including our sister gadget blog Crave, iPhone Atlas, and MacFixIt.

Don't have an iPhone? Just point your phone's browser to

We're clearly a little behind the times compared with some early-adopting sites, but if you're standoffish about using a mobile feed reading service like Google Reader (which I'd recommend after its last update), this might be a viable alternative. Also worth noting is that you can listen to CNET's podcasts (including the Real Deal, which has Webware's Rafe Needleman on it), watch videos from CNET News and CNET TV, as well as grab full product reviews if you're out and about.