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Get three free Stephen King e-books from Fictionwise

E-bookseller Fictionwise is offering a 100-percent rebate on three Stephen King novels, though the money has to stay in your store account.

Get 'The Shining' in e-book form free (after rebate) from Fictionwise. Fictionwise

As a longtime fan of e-books (I used to read them on my PDA; now I read 'em on my smartphone), I've been waiting for a good deal so I could spread the word. Fictionwise answered the call: The Web-based e-bookstore is offering three complete Stephen King novels for free. Yes, there's a catch, but it's not hard to swallow.

Here's how it works: First, you create a Micropay account, which is basically a debit account into which you deposit funds from your credit card or PayPal. Next, you buy Carrie, Night Shift, and/or The Shining (King classics, all). All three titles include a 100% Micropay rebate, meaning Fictionwise will immediately refund the full purchase price into your account. You'll have to spend the money on other e-books, but you get three freebies out of the deal. And Fictionwise frequently offers Micropay rebates on other titles, so you can really stretch your book-buying dollar.

The King books are available in eReader, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader formats, meaning you can read them on just about any PDA or smartphone. I know many people are reluctant to read books on small electronic screens, but trust me when I say you quickly get used to it. And nothing beats having a good book at your side when you're stuck in line someplace.

Any other e-book fans out there? Wish Apple would get off its rear and offer e-books for iPhones? (Rumor has it Fictionwise will be supporting the platform soon--woo!) Hit the Comments and discuss your favorite e-books and e-book readers.