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Get lost in time and space with Doctor Who Game Maker

Create your own Dalek- and Cybermen-infested levels for the Doctor to defeat with the BBC's new Doctor Who Game Maker.

Want to travel through time and space with the Doctor and Clara Oswald? The BBC's new Doctor Who Game Maker will let you set out on an adventure of your own creation on your computer or smartphone.

The Doctor Who Game Maker is what it sounds like -- a tool you can use to create custom levels of a simple game based on the BBC show "Doctor Who," by adding items to collect, obstacles to avoid and enemies to EXTERMINATE! Once you've crafted a level, you can then select a character to control as you move, jump and use your sonic screwdriver or other weapons to blast your way through.

The levels you can create can be pretty detailed, and you can even navigate the TARDIS itself as you fly around and save the universe from another evil plot from one of the Doctor's common enemies.

You can see the promo video for the Doctor Who Game Maker above, then get started crafting your own custom levels on the BBC's Web page.

"Doctor Who" Season 9 will materialize in the US and UK this Saturday, September 19, and in Australia on September 20.