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Get a 40-inch LCD HDTV, Blu-ray player for $755

Best Buy is offering a 40-inch 1080p Samsung LCD HD television with Netflix-ready Blu-ray player for $755, plus $1 shipping

The 40-inch 1080p Samsung LCD HDTV. Samsung

If you have been waiting on a great deal to make the leap to an LCD HDTV and Blu-ray player, your wait is over.

Best Buy is bundling a 40-inch 1080p Samsung LCD HD television with a BD-P1600 Blu-ray disc player for $755 with $1 shipping. That's almost $200 off the list price for the TV, and you get for free a Netflix-ready Blu-ray player that retails for $200. Just add each item to your shopping cart to get the discounts.

Best Buy's deal isn't limited to the 40-inch model; the company offers other Blu-ray bundling deals on Samsung 46- and 52-inch LCD TVs, as well as a 46-inch 120Hz LCD HDTV.

Backup deal
If you are looking for a second LCD for the bedroom or garage and don't want to spend 1080p money, is offering a 26-inch 720p Samsung LCD TV for $286. You have to add the TV to your shopping cart to see the deal price. Shipping is free.