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Wander virtually through a musician's mind with 'GE Neuro' VR experience (Tomorrow Daily 235)

Ashley and Khail watch the trailer for a VR experience taking place inside a person's mind, rejoice at Amazon's new offline video option for iOS and Android and check out a 54-propeller "super drone" made by a hobbyist.

We've never really thought about what it would be like to walk through someone else's mind (except maybe while we played "Psychonauts" 10 years ago), but now, GE has a decidedly futuristic spin on that concept with "Neuro," its tour of one musician's creative mind and how it functions. You'll tour his imagination and synapses, all within the comfort of your own VR headset. Even better, the experience and the technology involved might help scientists study and learn more about the human brain.

Amazon announced today it would no longer require its Fire tablets for offline viewing on its Prime Video service, meaning you're now able to download movies or TV shows to your iOS and Android devices for those long flights or locations without Wi-Fi. It's a huge feature many customers have been asking for, and it puts a lot of pressure on rival Netflix to do the same. Whether they will or not, no one can say for sure, but we'll keep our fingers crossed just in case.

A British hobbyist created a flying contraption he's calling "The Swarm." It consists of 54 propellers that can lift up to a 360-pound person off the ground for about 10 minutes, but it's incredibly loud, so if you think you can start secretly shuttling yourself to spots around town, you'll have to find a different option.

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235: Wander virtually through a musician's mind with 'GE Neuro' VR experience

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