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Game set for administration in two weeks

Bad news for fans of buying games on the high street: Game is set to go into administration in two weeks unless it turns things around.

High street games retailer Game has just two weeks to turn around its fortunes or face administration, MCV reports.

Senior staff were told in a meeting with CEO Ian Shepherd earlier this week about the state of affairs. Fingers are crossed a US rival will buy it out and keep it afloat. Here's hoping.

Gamestop is the US rival said to be considering buying out Game. Though whether it would involve a complete buyout or a sell-off of part of Game's international operations isn't known.

There's currently an everything must go-style sale happening, with titles offered at very low prices. L.A. Noire, for example, can be had for just £12.98, though it's currently out of stock. Other titles are on sale for just £1.98. It's an effort to inject some much needed cash into the company, which could help keep it going for a potentially valuable few days.

A Game spokesperson refused to comment on rumour or speculation. Just a few weeks ago, Game was the scene of the launch of the PS Vita.

It'd be a real shame if Game does go to the wall. I'm sure I'm not the only one with fond memories of Saturday afternoons spent browsing the Super NES titles, counting down the days until I'd saved up enough pocket money for NBA Jam. Ah, great days.

In the meantime, get yourself down to your local Game and take advantage of the bargains. Look -- Rage: Anarchy Edition for eight quid. Can't say fairer than that. And it's all for the good of the great British high street, so really you'll be helping the economy.

What do you think of Game's current situation? Would it be a shame if it went into administration? Or is just a sign of gaming's digital future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook. And share some Game memories while you're at it.