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Galaxy S5 named "best performing smartphone display"

According to screen testing group DisplayMate the S5 "raises the bar for top display performance".

It's not even on sale yet, but the accolades for the Galaxy S5 have already begun.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

In a very in depth look at the S5's screen technology, DisplayMate president Raymond Soneira declared that the phone was sporting the "best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested".

According to Soneira, the S5's colour accuracy is particularly impressive. Soneira said that Cinema Mode "has the most accurate colours for any smartphone or tablet display that we have ever measured".

Usually smartphone manufacturers tout their screen resolution and pixel density, but the Galaxy S5 isn't wildly different in that regard to its predecessor.

Instead, Samsung seems to have worked on tweaking some of the finer details, with obviously impressive results.

The Galaxy S5 is on sale on 11 April and we'll have a full review in the days leading up to the release.