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Gadgettes 96: The Childhood Bliss Episode

In the spirit of Kelly Baby Watch, we explore the many reasons why now is a really good time to be a kid. Us grown ups can still have a little fun too.

In the spirit of Kelly Baby Watch, we explore the many reasons why now is a really good time to be a child. Us grown-ups can still have a little fun too.
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Sega Dream Dog DX

Edible legos: Yay or nay?

Ultimate Star Wars Lego Death Star

Go ahead kids: Draw on the fridge

Swim-Ring amphibious PC pool toy

The Fusion Table

Three-person ping pong table is more inclusive

Why didn’t I think of that!?

New segment: Golf crap
Big Daddy Driver cuts the grass around your golf ball

What the hell?
High heel crib shoes

Hey guys,
One use of the refrigerated medicine cabinet that you guys didn’t mention on this weeks show was for medicine. My father in-law is diabetic and must refrigerate his insulin, and whenever I go to his house I always find it kind of odd that he keeps all that stuff in the refrigerator. I think this would be great for him that way he doesn’t have to keep his insulin and needles and stuff next to the butter anymore. Just thought I would mention this use.


To Gadgettes,

My nan always used keep her lipstick in the fridge (also she kept her rings there, but that was to hide them from her son who wanted to sell them when he inherits them, which he won’t.) but instead of moving her fridge to the bathroom, she moved the mirror to the fridge. Genius.

Love the show and Lindsay!
--Mark, Australia.

Hi Dear Molly, Jason, and Lindsey

My name is George and I am a second year physics grad student at UC Berkeley and work in a basement lab for most of the day (and listen to Gadgettes, BOL, and other CNET shows). Anyways, you were talking about the toothpaste drool removal kit and I have to say I could have used one of those. I often rush to lab in the morning so I have to brush my teeth really quickly at 8 a.m., getting some of that drool on my T-shirt and people in my lab look weird at me when they see it.

I loooove you all

A Ponderage** about hot water during Gadgettes 95

Well if Water could get hotter,

Wouldn’t it eventually turn to Steam …

You cant really Clean yourself in steam can you but,

You get a Sauna!!! Yeah Saunas!


**(I do not know if that is a word)

Hi Molly, Jason, Lindsey, and baby awaiting Kelly,

Maybe Molly remembers but I’m the guy from Kobe, Japan, who wrote to clarify what the Japanese call the mobile phone straps (keitai awhile back.

Well, the karaoke talk on Ep. 95 inspired me to write again. Molly, you’re absolutely right. The K for karaoke does stand for regret. The Japanese word for regret happens to be ‘kohkai’.

Keep up the great work gals (and guy),