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Gadgettes 135: The silk from a sow's ear episode

In an attempt to avoid the nonstop flu-related news, we focus our attention on gadgets that pack pretty along with functionality.

In an attempt to avoid the nonstop flu-related news, we focus our attention on gadgets that pack prettiness along with functionality.

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70 percent of Kindle owners over 40?

Samsung adds a touch of color to an already-unique camcorder

Dual-screen Moonlight laptop concept is pretty stunning

Seagate Replica: Simplest PC backup ever

Peltor Noise Canceling Earmuffs

Gender Gap: Sow’s Ear Edition
Trispecs: Better than X-Ray specs any day

Bling RX
The most logical marriage since the bacon wallet: the 36 million dollar Swarovski-encrusted gondola. Just what we needed! On the plus side, it has a Bose stereo and wheelchair (perhaps also Swarovskied) access! — Dr. Karl

Tool Time
Car advice from the millionaire matchmaker

Hello Kitty Watch
Hello Kitty Beer

Good Vibrations
USB Vibrator (thanks, Kieran!)

Earth Angel hand-crank vibrator (thanks, David!)

Ask a Gadgette (Voicemail edition)
Amanda and her iPhone

For the “Baby hands man” of your life? . Ohh so creepy.

- Fernando

Hi Gadgettes!

First time writing in, but I came across this a few days ago and
thought it might be good Gadgettes fodder: The Pet Loo

Yeah. It’s a dog toilet.

The basic premise sounded fairly useful…up until I realized that you
have to empty trays and clean it yourself! I can’t imagine someone
being too lazy to take their dog outside in the morning, yet decidedly
non-lazy enough to dump out buckets of dog pee every single day anyway.

Much love for the show–keep up the hilarious work!

- Rift (from the chatroom)

Hi Gadgettes
I was listening to your Green fail Podcasts and could not believe that you have toaster tongs, lemon squeezer AND a Lime Squeezer, have you ever heard of HANDS? Five fingers, it can pull, squeeze, crush, twist, grip and several other actions and its free, it comes with you when you are born, sheesh wasteful Americans. This reminds me the onion story about crap that is made for americans.

- John

Hey Gadgettes,

Just wanted to comment on the story about the laser etched laptop tray. Who would pay $100 for a way to keep the heat from a laptop away from their legs? Men who like their sperm would. Here’s an old article from CNET about a study saying that laptop use affects male fertility.

I would certainly spend $100 to keep my “gun from shooting blanks” if ya know what I mean.

Love the show,
Keith in KY.