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G5 fan noise: Verax working on a solution?

G5 fan noise: Verax working on a solution?

Readers continue to note problems with extremely loud G5 fans. Roger Dalrymple writes:

"I have a 1.8 GHz G5 with the 'Full Blown fans' disease mentioned in the G5 forum. It has gone into full fan action when in sleep mode 4 times in 3 months and can only be stopped by restarting. The system log shows no activity in during the time of the fan fault. I have tried resetting the pram, cleaning up permissions, checking the disk drive, updating the firmware to 5.1.4 and OS to 10.3.1. Nothing has worked. A call to Apple get the usual unhelpful suggestions, 'try turning off the printer' etc. I suspect a hardware problem, but I am looking for suggestions."

It seems Verax may be offering a solution intended to reduce the noise made by these fans, though the product link does not work. A message on the company's front page states (translated):

"For its MAC G5: G03 and - Kuehler for ATI Radeon 9800 graphics maps make your G5 whisper quiet."

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