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Culture gives users way to access their virtual computer on iPhone

The Israeli company has already launched for full browsers, but it is now available for mobile browsers on the iPhone and other mobile phones. allows a virtual computer to be accessible via mobile devices like the iPhone. Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

SAN DIEGO--Why carry a computer laden down with data and applications with you everywhere when you could access all that information from any browser?

That's the proposition behind an Israeli company known as, which presented at DemoFall here Monday afternoon.

Already, the company, whose name is also their URL, has a browser-based version that allows anyone to access all this data from anywhere. The idea is that by doing it this way instead of through traditional virtual computer software, which requires a lot of configuration, you can access your data from any computer.

Now, is offering their service through mobile devices like the iPhone.

This means that it will be possible, with the iPhone and other mobile phones, to access much of what is available on your computer. It may not make it possible to do everything that you can do on a full browser, but at the very least, it would be possible to find, examine and modify data without having to be on a full computer.

Further, the service will allow you run productivity applications that can access Word documents, email messages and even PowerPoint presentations.