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Friday Poll: Will iPad become generic for 'tablet?'

The new iPad's name is notable for its lack of a number tacked onto the tail. Do you see a day when iPad becomes generic for "tablet"?

the new iPad
It's the new iPad, not to be confused with the original iPad. Apple

It's not the iPad 3. It's not the iPad HD. It's the new iPad. Just like the old iPad, only different, and better, and newer.

Apple is ditching the numbers from the name of its top tablet, and we all know Apple doesn't make a move like that without thinking it through thoroughly.

CNET's Roger Cheng argues that the new naming convention is designed to turn iPads into Kleenex. No, you're not going to blow your nose on them, but you just might start using "iPad" as a generic name for tablets.

I'm trying to imagine a world in which I pick up a new Android tablet and show it off to my friends while saying, "Check out my sweet new iPad!" I'm not sure who would be more upset: Android fanboys or Apple fanboys.

Still, there may yet come a day when the term "iPad" becomes a stand-in for any tablet, just like Dixie Cups can mean any little cups and Jell-O stands for any wiggly, see-through gelatin dessert.

Tell us where you stand on this concept. Maybe you're already pointing at any old tablet and calling it an iPad. Or maybe the very thought of it makes you want to caress and protect your Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

Do you see a day when iPad could becomes generic for "tablet?" Vote in our poll and explain your thinking in the comments.

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