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Free stuff for your phone in Podcast 346

Bag free stuff from your phone network as we explore the world of extras, bolt-ons and Freebeez in Podcast 346.

Who doesn't love free stuff? Not us. We've delved deep into the world of phone freebies, checking out the extras offered by mobile phone networks.

From O2 priority booking to Orange Wednesday cinema tickets, most networks chuck a few treats your way -- including the new Sainsbury's network, which promises Nectar points.

Also this week, the Galaxy S4 hits a milestone, there's more on the 4G sequel to the Nexus 7, and why the new movie The Internship is too much Google and not enough gags.

Tell us your best deals and exciting extras via the usual channels. Speaking of which, we take on your tech teasers in the Feedback section: what's the best NAS? Does iOS 7 suck? And is a cheap iPhone a bad idea?

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