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Flappy48 combines Flappy Bird and 2048 into a single clone

The title requires users to glide through gaps in blocks while collecting squares that will add up to higher scores.


There's a new game clone, and it's taking cues from two games, not one.

Dubbed Flappy48, the game takes elements of Flappy Bird and 2048. Gamers are asked to work their way through gaps in blocks while collecting numbered squares. If the squares can be combined in a multiple of two, they'll be combined and only one will need to get through the gaps. When they don't hit that mark, the blocks start to add up and an entire trail of squares must be passed through the gaps to keep going.

Although the game has elements of 2048 in it, there are also some game mechanics that smack of the wildly popular Threes. That game requires that users combine blocks in multiples of three, however, so it is slightly different.

That there's a Flappy Bird clone out is perhaps no surprise. After Flappy Bird became a massive success, the game was taken down by its creator, prompting countless clones to crop up. Flappy Bird proved extremely addicting, and 2048 is yet another habit-forming mobile title. Combining the two games could make Flappy48 all the more enticing.

As of this writing, Flappy48 is not available in major application stores, but users can go to the developer's home page to try it out. You'll need to install the Unity Player in order to get access to the game.