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Fix for Internet Explorer search bar loading problem

Fix for Internet Explorer search bar loading problem

Yesterday we reported a problem with the tab in the Explorer Bar on the left-hand side of Explorer windows that allows you to perform Web searches.

The issue - which occurs under both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X - is that all the tabs open a side screen when clicked on but when I open the "search" tab and the screen slides open it is completely blank except for at the very top on the gray bar there is the "new search" button and the "customize" button.

We've since received confirmation of this issue from a number of readers, and Peter Andersen reports that the search bar actually hangs while trying to fetch an image from - which it seems Microsoft has removed.

Andersen writes: "I think you can get around this by using this hint which describes how to use Google in the search tab instead. I managed to get this working; I could not find the mentioned QuickConvert anymore, though, but used the developer tools DeRez, Rez and ResEdit to do the job:

  • terminal> cp Localized.rsrc Localized-orig.rsrc
  • terminal> DeRez -useDF Localized.rsrc > Localized.r
  • terminal> Rez -o NewLocalized.rsrc Localized.r
  • ... Edit NewLocalized.rsrc using ResEdit as decribed in the hint...
  • terminal> DeRez NewLocalized.rsrc > NewLocalized.r
  • terminal> Rez -useDF -o Localized.rsrc NewLocalized.r

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