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Firefox Mobile concept video: It's a tear-jerker

If you were worried that Mozilla isn't aware of the mobile Internet, fear not -- it's just uploaded a video that shows off an insanely cool mobile browser concept

The iPhone and its fancy Web browser might be the talk of the town, but a cornucopia of other mobile Internet browsers are set to launch soon that will let you do even more with your phone. Let the mobile browser wars commence!

One of the strongest contenders for mobile Internet dominance should be Mozilla, which develops the much-loved Firefox browser. But up until now there hasn't been a mobile version of FF and no-one has seen what Mozilla was up to.

Recently though, Aza Raskin, head of user experience for Mozilla Labs, uploaded a video (below) to Vimeo showing off a concept of a Firefox mobile browser. It's a little unpolished, but the core idea brought us to tears. In a good way.

Like the iPhone's browser, the concept for Firefox Mobile is firmly rooted in being able to touch the screen. A flick here and a flick there and you have access to various browser features -- it looks like a compelling user experience.

Raskin is keen to point out that the final version of Firefox Mobile might not look like this at all, but we sincerely hope it does because the fundamentals are all right. From the large finger-friendly icons to the easy-to-open tabs and intelligent URL bar, this is a browser that will put Mozilla firmly on the mobile map. -Andrew Lim

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.