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Fire Dance With Me: 'Twin Peaks' dance-off game goes surreal

Put yourself in Agent Cooper's dancing shoes with a video game that pits popular "Twin Peaks" characters against each other in a DDR-style dance battle.

Agent Cooper does the twist. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

All of us "Twin Peaks" fans have quite a bit of time to kill until the continuation of the cult David Lynch and Mark Frost series shows up on Showtime in 2016.

We can re-watch the old episodes and sit through the movie "Fire Walk With Me" one more time. We can reread "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer." And now we can also engage in a difficult dance-off with some of our favorite "Twin Peaks" characters.

Fire Dance With Me is an online video game (also available to download for free) that places you into the Black Lodge (a mysterious limbo location with a zigzag floor and red curtains) for a challenging dance competition.

The game features faster, even synthier versions of the "Twin Peaks" theme song. It's a two-player game that lets you select between Agent Cooper or Audrey Horne. You rack up points in a similar fashion to Dance Dance Revolution, by striking the keys that correspond to a series of fast-moving arrows.

If this was all the game offered, it would be enough. But what puts it over the top is the sobbing Leland Palmer in the middle crying, "Please! Dance with me!" If you haven't seen "Twin Peaks," this reference will make no sense to you. That's OK. Go watch "Twin Peaks" and then come back and play the game.

Dancing makes quite a few appearances in the series. Leland Palmer dances and cries (a lot). Audrey Horne likes to sway in place to the sound of a jukebox at the RR Diner. The Man from Another Place gets his groove on inside the Black Lodge.

Fire Dance With Me was created for a game-making contest called Duplicade that challenges programmers to put together short two-person games that are "knockoffs and bootlegs of other games that are just weird enough to not get you sued." Fire Dance With Me is plenty weird enough.

(Via Boing Boing)