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Find your way with Delphi NAV200 GPS, $79.99 shipped

Looking for a nav system on the cheap? You're not likely to find one cheaper than this.

It may not be state-of-the-art, but this $80 GPS will get you to your destination. Newegg

How low can GPS receivers go? Newegg cracks the $80 barrier with the Delphi NAV200, currently selling for $79.99 with free three-day shipping. Even more amazing, this is a new unit, not a refurb, and you don't have to wait on a rebate.

Ah, but is the NAV200 any good? Will it get you where you're going? All signs point to yes, though CNET's review dings it for its slow operation and lack of text-to-speech capability. The reviews on Newegg's site are mostly positive, but sluggish performance is a recurring theme.

Maps of the U.S. and Canada come preloaded on an SD card, which you can swap out if you want to listen to MP3s or watch videos. There's even an onboard Othello game for when you're not navigating. Delphi's optional Real-Time Traffic Kit adds lifetime traffic, construction, and weather data (and enables the GPS to re-route accordingly), but at $199.99, it costs more than twice as much as the GPS itself.

Of course, The Cheapskate managed to find it for $110.53, bringing your grand total to $190.52. That's a pretty solid deal on a GPS with a lifetime traffic-service subscription. And without the kit, how can you go wrong with an $80 navigation system, even one that's a little slow?