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Find 'filler' items to score free shipping at Amazon

All you need is a 37-cent item and that Super Saver Shipping can be yours! Instead of wasting valuable time searching for one, let this site do the legwork.

Need something inexpensive to tip the Super Saver scales? Find it fast at Filler Item Finder.

I think every Amazon shopper has encountered this dilemma at one time or another: You have just under $25 worth of stuff in your cart--not quite enough to qualify for free Super Saver Shipping--so you go trolling the site for something to tip the scales.

And that's never easy, so eventually you just give up and buy something pricey. What the hell, right? At least you got free shipping!

Filler Item Finder helps you find items that bring your shopping-cart total to exactly $25, thus qualifying you for that oh-so-tantalizing Super Saver.

Suppose you're $1.17 shy of $25. Plug in that amount and FIF quickly builds a list of items that match (or come close). Click Filter By Categories and you can remove one or more categories from the search results.

Pick the item you want, click the link, add it to your Amazon shopping cart, and presto! You're out the door for $25.

Just one problem: FIF's results frequently include items sold by third parties, which don't usually qualify for the Super Saver tally. Consequently, you may be better off with Superfiller, a similar service that's not as pretty but is definitely more accurate at finding qualifying items.

FIF does offer other tools for Amazon fans, including quick links to Gold Box deals, new releases, the video game deal of the day, and so on.

Ultimately, filler items end up saving you a few bucks, tops. But every little bit helps, right? And admit it: You love getting free shipping. It makes you feel happy and successful and smart. (No? Just me, then.)

Update: The site's engineers claim to have implemented some updates that produce better results, and from what I can tell, they're right. So do give FIF a try.