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FileMaker 7 released; problems downloading demo

FileMaker 7 released; problems downloading demo

On Tuesday FileMaker, Inc. released FileMaker Pro 7. The primary new feature of version 7 is a true relational database architecture; however, it also includes "more than 100 new and enhanced" features.

Download delays A demo version of FileMaker Pro 7 is available; to download the demo, you need to fill out a form on the FileMaker website, after which an email will be sent with the URL. A few MacFixIt readers have reported that they never receive the email, or that it takes a long time to receive it. Scott Mahrer notes that he waited over five hours, at which point he contacted FileMaker customer service, who informed him that the site was having technical issues. An hour later he finally received an email. Chances are the FileMaker servers are simply overloaded right now due to high demand. (Unfortunately, each link is automatically generated with a username and password, so we don't have a direct download link to provide.)

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