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FeltAudio debuts clip-on Bluetooth speaker and earbuds

Wireless audio peripherals being showcased at CES 2013 can be conveniently attached to the back of an iPhone with the help of a special case.

FeltAudio Rewind
The FeltAudio Rewind in white. FeltAudio

If you're always losing your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, FeltAudio's products could be for you. The FeltAudio Pulse is a tiny Bluetooth speaker that can be clipped on to a shirt pocket or belt, while the Rewind is a pair of in-ear headphones with a retractable cable.

The Pulse speaker works quite simply. You pair it with your handset and clip it on to some part of your clothing. When you're not using the speaker (or if you want the speaker playing back audio while attached to your phone), you can clip it to special Felt cases -- these are lined on the insides with actual felt -- which will be available for the iPhone 5 as well as iPad. The company is working on versions for iPad Mini and new iPod Touch.

FeltAudio Pulse
The FeltAudio Pulse speaker attached to an iPhone. FeltAudio

The Rewind headphones are a little more confusing. Since these are retractable Bluetooth headphones, we're guessing you'll need to clip the receiver portion (and case) to your shirt while listening to music. When you're done, the headphones retract into the portable case, which can then be attached to the back of a Felt case. There's also an inline mic on the cable for phone calls.

While we aren't sure if having a speaker or pair of headphones attached to the back of an phone case is a good idea for everyone, we're definitely impressed at the simplicity and elegance of the concept. The FeltAudio case, Pulse speaker, and Rewind headphones will all be available in white, gray, and black. No word yet on price and availability.

Headphones stored
This is how the headphones would look stored on the back of a FeltAudio iPhone 5 case. FeltAudio

(Source: Crave Asia via iLounge)