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Facebook releases ads to claim it's actually useful

Having been rather quiet since an episode with a chair, your favorite social network would like to remind you that it's more than just baby pictures and political ranting.

You never tried couch skiing? Not even during the Olympics? Facebook/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Please admit it. Your relationship with Facebook has become stale.

You go there because you go there, a little like your local Starbucks or your penchant for personal anatomy jokes.

Facebook realizes this. It's just bought you a new toy called WhatsApp. Yet it fears that you've been looking around.

So, over the last few weeks, the company has been releasing ads to remind you why you're still together and why it will last forever.

You're not on Facebook in the hope that someone you don't like has endured a misfortune. Nor are you there so that grannie can see that you only date wholesome people.

No, Facebook is useful. Very, very useful.

It allows you to meet people and do things, because everything these days must be virtually instigated -- even revolutions.

Facebook hasn't had the most blissful experience with advertising. A couple of years ago, the company was keen to compare itself to a chair.

These ads, though, show very nice people being active and doing things. Yes, the very opposite of being on Facebook. (The ads are, though, charming.)

I was stunned that I hadn't seen them adorn one of my favorite televised sporting events.

Now I know why. Re/Code tells me that they were designed to run in the one place you most want to see ads -- your Facebook NewsFeed.