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Facebook photo reportedly leads to airliner bomb hoax

A curious love triangle -- which allegedly resulted in a compromising picture being posted to Facebook -- allegedly ends in a man making a bogus bomb threat.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Sometimes, love can make our emotions veer toward trouble. But when love gets mixed with revenge, the cocktail can be a trifle explosive.

It is with a burdened heart that I bring you the story of Christopher Shell, his ex-girlfriend, and her current boyfriend.

As NBC News has it, the lady's current boyfriend, 26-year-old Kenneth W. Smith, is allegedly a man who doesn't take slights lying down.

Indeed, it is alleged that he got up from bed, walked to a pay phone in Philadelphia and placed a call to the local airport.

It was not exactly a morning greeting. The police claim it was a call that suggested liquid explosives were on board US Airways Flight 1267 -- which was already in the air toward Dallas-Forth Worth.

Oddly, this caller allegedly knew who was carrying the explosives: Christopher Shell.

Why would Smith have done this? You will be stunned into a trickle-down ergonomics class to learn that, at the center of it all, was allegedly a photo on Facebook -- one of an allegedly compromising nature. One that featured Smith's girlfriend, ergo Shell's ex.

Smith reportedly claims that Shell had posted that compromising picture of the fair lady in the middle.

Shell seems to have immediately suspected who might have been behind the bomb threat. He allegedly showed the FBI texts of a difficult nature about his relationship with his ex. He also allegedly suggested that the feds have a chat with Smith.

Are you still with me? Yes, this is, indeed, "The Young and the Restless." Well, and the feckless.

The FBI says that Smith confessed to his telephonic misdeed. But you want a twist to the story, don't you?

Well, Shell was himself arrested when he eventually landed in Dallas. It seems that there were a few outstanding warrants in Texas that didn't pertain to his Facebook postings or, indeed, his ex.

Instead, the Huffington Post reports that these warrants pertained to drug possession.

Did I mention that Shell was flying to Dallas to celebrate his 29th birthday? I wonder how it went.

There is, as is so often the case with Facebook stories, a moral. I am just not sure what it is.

Could it be: "It is never worth fighting over a lost love. On the other hand, fighting for it can truly take you out of your shell"?

Or could it be: "Revenge is sweet. But only if you don't get arrested for it"?