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Everyday tech from Asia that I want to use every day, too

Sometimes it's the little things -- like a hands-free, germ-free way to signal a pedestrian crossing -- that get you thinking about the simple lifestyle tech you could really use.

Encountering the unexpected is one of the most exhilarating things about traveling.

For a visitor like me, the surprising markers of daily life that often make one corner of the world distinct from another can strike anywhere: in food (OMG, the food), in fashion and in the quiet genius of everyday tech.

Now that I've settled back into San Francisco living after my 19-day tech tour of Asia, my mind still drifts to some of the terrific -- and often simple -- things that I'd love to see become part of everyday life where I live, too. I walk you through them in the gallery below.

Seeking tech, will travel

7 cities, 21 days. From Hong Kong to Chiang Mai, I'll be learning and living the region's hottest -- and oddest -- tech toys.

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