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Even more on missing sound channel with SoundSticks

Even more on missing sound channel with SoundSticks

Over the past few days we've been covering an issue where one channel of audio disappears when using the (Apple-sold) Harmon Kardon SoundSticks speakers. Yesterday we noted a report by a reader stating that if he launched the Audio MIDI Setup in /Applications/Utilities, he found that for some reason the settings for his SoundSticks were set to "1 channel 16 bits" instead of "2 channels 16 bits."

MacFixIt reader Jonathan Ballard confirms this issue, noting:

"Sure enough, in the Audio Midi Setup utility, the Sticks had been mysteriously set to one channel instead of two. The more detailed instructions are to [switch to the Audio Devices tab and then] select 'SoundSticks' from the 'Properties For:' pop-up menu. Once this is selected, you should look at the very bottom right area of the window and see 'Format:' with pop-up menus that let you choose both the [rate] (mine is set at 44100.0Hz) and the channels and bits. On mine, '1 ch-16bit' was selected. When I chose '2 ch-16bit,' my sound control panel again let me adjust the balance on the speakers!"

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