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Emoji evolve with Star Wars, McDonald's and Randemojinator

Use the Star Wars app to find the emoji you're looking for, or generate mixed-up emoji expressions with a silly website. Learn what icons could be added next -- and why McDonald's is taking our love of emoji a little too far.

When you can't find the right emoji, just make your own.

The world of emoji expands beyond your keyboard. Create a complex Franken-moji expression with Randemojinator, or send ghost Jedi faces to your friends with the Star Wars app. CNET Update will show you what's next in the world of text pictures:

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Normal emoji are getting an update, too. A taco and unicorn are in our future, and after that -- maybe a sneezing face and a butterfly. We do love emoji, but are we "lovin' it" too much?

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Emoji evolves with Star Wars, McDonalds and Randemojinator