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E3 2011: A photographic history of the Electronic Entertainment Expo

A look at E3's booths, babes, mascots, and other highlights through the years.

Attacked by a diaper-wearing chimp at E3 2007.

Looking back at previous coverage of the annual Electronic Entertainment Exposition, I found several photo galleries of images cobbled together from as far back as 1999.

For the past few years I've largely left the photographic duties to our able staff photographers, who have done an excellent job of chronicling the show, but I thought it might be fun to round up some of the slideshows of personal pics that we've run previously.

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If you follow CNET's E3 coverage every year, you've probably seen many of these pics before, but they represent a historical snapshot of the show at its most extravagant, from a giant Katamari ball, to bacon-wrapped hot dogs, to the heyday of the infamous "booth babes," to the time I was attacked by an amorous monkey.