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Dymo's colorful spinmaster

DiscPainter prints discs in full color.


You can finally chuck that stomper and paper label. Someone's come up with a standalone CD/DVD printer that can actually output up to 1,200dpi graphics directly onto your CD or DVD. We've seen disc printers featured in printers, but the Dymo DiscPainter claims to put a new spin on the process.

If you have $280 to throw away and a crate of discs to label, according to Uncrate, this little USB device is the way to go. It uses RadialPrint technology, which spins the disc while it prints everything in full color, directly on discs, from edge to hub, on either a Mac or PC. For a speedier 1-minute output, you can also print in 600dpi quality--which is really a good idea because each DiscPainter Ink Cartridge costs $40 to replace, and we've no idea yet how many spins each tube is capable of yielding.

(Source: Crave Asia)