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Duck, duck, blog

Photographer Colleen Fletcher shoots rubber ducks and shows the results on her blog called Duck Show.

Photographer Colleen Fletcher creates fun, creative photos of rubber ducks.
Photographer Colleen Fletcher creates fun, creative photos of rubber ducks. Colleen Fletcher

At the intersection of lightheartedness, bath-time fun, and photography, you will find the Duck Show. A creation of photographer Colleen Fletcher, the blog transports you into a world inhabited by rubber ducks. They mark the passage of time by celebrating holidays, rocking out in Vegas, and having adventures around New York. They even star in film stills.

As you might expect, this all started in a bathroom--a very large bathroom apparently. Ms. Fletcher decided to decorate that bathroom with rubber ducks, began a collection, and as she puts it, "A couple of years and 333 ducks later, I found an outlet for my creativity." Living in Las Vegas at the time, Ms. Fletcher would go to the casinos with her husband, but since she didn't like to gamble, she found herself with some spare time and began making pictures of her ducks while her hubby hit the tables. If you're wondering where all those amazing ducks come from, Colleen says that her favorite duck stores are Just Ducks and Rubba Ducks. She says that she doesn't modify the ducks much, but does create "little outfits" for them, such as Zorro Duck's costume.

Over time, Colleen says that the ducks have taken on personalities of their own. When pressed to choose a favorite, she points to Cheese because of "that goofy smile," though she also gives shout-outs to Vegas Baby and Hi-Ya who she says is, "an Asian duck who goes around speaking in proverbs and gets worked up when he sees restaurants serving Peking duck (he calls it the sacred bird)." In case you can't get enough ducktasticness from the Duck Show, Colleen also has a Flikr page with more ducky photos.