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Dropbox doubles paid storage capacity

Cloud storage service Dropbox has doubled its paid storage packages and adds a new 500GB option for its hungriest customers.

Dropbox has doubled paid storage.(Credit: Dropbox)

Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced that it will double the storage capacity of all paid accounts, as well as introduce a new 500GB option for power users.

The move sees 50GB accounts double to 100GB for $9.99/month or $99/year, and 100GB accounts become 200GB for $19.99/month or $199/year.

The new plans are yet to be reflected on the official Dropbox pricing pages, but the company has stated that users will start to see their storage automatically double over the coming 24 hours.

Competition has moved quickly in the cloud storage space, and this move from Dropbox helps put its price back at a competitive edge over key competitors. Closest direct competitor, SugarSync, gives its $9.99/month plan 60GB and a $14.99/month plan offers 100GB.

These plans also ensures that Dropbox maintains an edge over Microsoft SkyDrive. While SkyDrive offers $50/year pricing for 107GB (free 7GB with a 100GB add-on), this is the maximum limit offered through Microsoft's service.

500GB is the maximum on offer from both SugarSync and Dropbox. The new Dropbox 500GB plan will cost $49.99/month or $499/year. The equivalent storage from SugarSync costs $39.99/month or $399.99/year.

Maximum storage limits seem a strange factor at this point, in the cloud storage arms race. Why not offer plans to accommodate power users who want to crash through one Terabyte and beyond? Dropbox has separated larger storage offerings into a business focused Teams pricing structure, starting at $795/year for 1TB of storage for up to 5 users, with additional users charged at $125/year, an included 200GB extra storage per user.

Google Drive now holds a solid edge for the hungriest power users, offering up to 16TB of cloud storage. Drive's 100GB tier almost matches SkyDrive's at $4.99/month, while also expanding Gmail storage to 25GB.

See our comparison of free cloud storage services for many more options. It will be updated to reflect new Dropbox pricing, once the price formally updates on the Dropbox website.