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DRM-free on roadmap for Nokia Music Store

With Comes with Music just around the corner for Australia, Nokia is starting to talk about its intentions to change its music library to DRM-free files.

Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic
(Credit: Nokia)

Nokia's all-you-can-eat music download service Comes With Music is interesting on many fronts. It gives users unlimited access to the online Nokia Music Store and they can keep the music, or even re-download the tracks after the 12-month service period.

Here's the kicker: the tunes come with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and are playable only on the designated handset and PC.

Well, scrap that last point for now.

According to a report from news site Channel NewsAsia, the director for Global Digital Music Retail at Nokia, Adam Mirabella, said: "We have dialogues going with all of our partners and Digital Rights Management-free (DRM-free) is also on the roadmap for the future integration of Comes With Music." The company says it is committed to a DRM-free music catalogue on the Nokia Music Store before the end of 2009.

Nokia's Comes with Music offer and the 5800 XpressMusic handset go on sale in Australia on 20 March.