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Double Fusion draws $26 million funding round

Word comes that Double Fusion, the developer of one of the leading in-game advertising networks, has scored $26 million in new venture capital.

The new round was led by Norwest Venture Partners and also included funding from Time Warner, Accel Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Hearst Corporation, IDG Ventures Pacific and Sedona Capital.

Double Fusion, and competitors like Microsoft-owned Massive, are in the business of linking advertisers with video games. They place all manner of ads in single-player games and multiplayer games alike. And while some players find the ads annoying, studies indicate that others find the in-game billboards, Coke machines and other product placements to make for a more realistic environment.

Regardless of whether players find such ads excruciating or realistic, it seems clear that the big-money boys on Sand Hill Road and beyond see a fair bit of profit potential. Thus the wads of cash just thrown Double Fusion's way.

Double Fusion says it plans to use its new riches for global expansion, hiring and "fortifying its already strong network portfolio."