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'Dognition' app asks how smart your pooch is

Will Fido be able to get into Harvard? New company started by Duke University professor offers an app that tests dogs' cognitive skills to help their human friends better understand them.

Brian Hare has started a company that will test your dog's cognitive skills.
Professor and author Brian Hare has started a company that will test canine cognitive skills. Dognition

Is your doggy a dummy? Probably not. Most dogs are adept at simple problem solving and recognizing commands. But if you want more details on exactly how your pet's mind works, a new company has you covered. Dognition, started by a professor at Duke University, makes a product that lets you test your dog's cognitive skills and record the results.

Purchasing the $60 Web app allows you to fill out a personality questionnaire and run your dog through a series of simple experiments. The science-based tests playfully measure a dog's intellect on several fronts -- from empathy to memory to reasoning skills.

Just as humans express intelligence in a range of ways, so do dogs. Brian Hare, an associate professor in evolutionary anthropology at Duke's Center for Canine Cognitive Neuroscience, along with his team, hopes to gather the data from Dognition and analyze why some dogs are, say, better communicators than others. It could also help to answer broader questions, like whether intelligence varies with dog breeds.

CBS News interviewed the scientists behind Dognition and will air the story tomorrow, February 6, on "CBS This Morning."

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