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Dish at CES 2014: Join us at 11 a.m. PT Monday (live blog)

The satellite TV provider will highlight its latest innovations in TV. CNET will be there to bring you all the live news, photos, and commentary.

Dish's Auto Hop enable screen. Dish
TV has always been a hot area for the Consumer Electronics Show, and Dish will be on hand to show its newest innovations.

The satellite television provider will host a press conference at 11 a.m. Monday at the Mandalay Bay hotel. CNET's David Carnoy, James Martin, and I will be there to bring you all the news, photos, and commentary.

Tune into CNET's Dish press conference coverage.

Many companies have tried to reinvent TV. The Xbox One wants to take over the cable box. Apple TV has been rumored for years. Intel worked on its own product but is now in talks to sell the business. Dish, meanwhile, has put its own spin on changing TV. CES is likely to usher in more incremental updates than huge advancements, with Dish likely improving its DVR called the Hopper.

The Hopper has been the target of TV network companies protests since it launched. Broadcasters, including CNET's parent CBS, have filed separate suits against Dish over the Hopper's AutoHop feature that allows customers to automatically skip over advertisements.

The networks say the ad-skipping feature threatens to destroy the advertising system that supports their content and that Dish doesn't have the right to tamper with advertising from broadcast replays to enrich itself. Dish has argued that consumers have the right to privately watch shows anywhere, anytime. So far, Dish has fended off preliminary injunctionsthat would have shut down Hopper in some areas.