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Tech Industry

Dell cans its Mini 9 Netbook

Computer giant is the latest manufacturer to move away from 8.9-inch-screen devices. More consumers apparently prefer screen sizes of 10 inches and above.

Dell's Mini 9's color array included pink. Dell

Dell has stopped selling 8.9-inch Netbooks, focusing instead on ones with slightly larger screens.

Visitors to Dell's U.K. Web site earlier on Monday found the Mini Netbook page displaying the phrase "Available in 8.9" but no actual options for buying the Mini 9 model. The site focused instead on Dell's Mini 10 and 10v Netbooks.

U.S.-based tech site Engadget noted that a customer service representative in the U.S. had confirmed the "end of life" of the Mini 9.

Dell is the latest Netbook manufacturer to move away from 8.9-inch-screen devices. It appears that most consumers prefer screen sizes measuring 10 inches and above, despite the fact that such devices have the same screen resolution as their smaller kin.

Dell's Mini 9 can still be bought through Vodafone, which bundles the Netbook with a monthly mobile broadband subscription over a two-year contract.

David Meyer of ZDNet UK reported from London.