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Deal of the day: CA speaker system for $10

So you're sitting at your desk over the holidays, no one else in the office--clearly the prime moment for some well-deserved head banging to loud music, right? Unfortunately, you only have headphones at your desk, and solo moshing is therefore contraindicated. Tragic!

Well, we can relate. What you need now are some decent speakers for a very low price, and you need them shipped free and fast. We've got you covered.

According to the seller: This Cyber Acoustics set of three amplified speakers "offers solid audio performance with slim styling. Includes 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer." System works with your computer, CD or MP3 player. Check the site for more details, and enjoy your death metal the right way.

CA speakers

What: Cyber Acoustics CA-3001RB speaker system
How much: $9.99
Shipping: $0
Where: Office Depot (via Fat Wallet)
When: Through unknown date
Click here for product overview.