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DC Comics signs on with Google Play Books

Marvel may have the movie might, but DC's Google Play deal will get its comics to a new crop of Android-using readers.

Currently, reading comics digitally is largely an app-driven process, with dedicated comic apps, such as Comixology leading the charge.

DC Entertainment's weekly comics periodicals are now available from Google Play Books. (Credit: DC Entertainment)

But DC's deal with Google, which sees its comics available via Google Play Books, gets its broad portfolio of sequential art out to anyone with an Android device. DC has already been available via Apple iBooks and the Kindle Store, so this is a natural progression for the venerable publisher.

While collected editions have been available on Google Play Books before, this is the first time that regular monthly publications have been available through the service.

According to Hank Kanalz, senior vice president of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing at DC Entertainment: "Our Google customers were happy, but kept asking for our single issues — as you can imagine, this takes some work, so we wanted to build the infrastructure internally first, before rolling out."

Kanalz says that he's not worried about the Google move undercutting sales on other DC digital distribution platforms.

"Even with the overlap of people using multiple devices, our Google customer is not cannibalizing our other sales — in digital or in print," he said.