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Cricket scoops up Samsung Chrono, too

Cricket Wireless adds the Samsung Chrono flip phone to its lineup a few weeks after U.S. Cellular's acquisition.

Samsung Chrono - moon gray (U.S. Cellular)
Josh Miller/CNET

Just weeks after the Samsung Chrono arrived at U.S. Cellular, it also lands at Cricket Wireless.

The Chrono is about as simple a flip phone as you can get, with a VGA camera and Bluetooth support. It's light (just three ounces), comfortable to use, and has a smooth, attractive body. It also manages to extract top-notch call voice quality, or at least it did on the version we tested with U.S. Cellular.

The Cricket version costs $59.99 without a contract. That's triple the price of the U.S. Cellular version, which will make you part with just $19.99 for the prepaid phone. That doesn't sound like a great deal to us, either, but hopefully Cricket will wise up and offer a deal.