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Crave Podcast 66: CES 2008 preview

This week we discuss batteries on aeroplanes, Kevin Costner singing and of course we talk about our hopes and dreams for this year's Consumer Electronics Show

As the Crave Podcast rockets past retirement age we sit down with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake to talk about new rules for lithium batteries on aeroplanes, the spectacular growth in Apple Mac usage in 2007 and the Nintendo DS getting downloadable games.

And with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just around the corner, we couldn't resist having a little run-down of what we're hoping to see. Our expectations range from the reasonably modest -- more Wi-Fi in cameras -- to the ridiculous: a 150-inch plasma TV from Panasonic.

We even persuaded the notorious Rory Reid to join us on the line from his luxurious Boston holiday retreat and give us a run-down of what he's expecting to get out of CES 2008 -- apart from gambling, drinking and killing hookers.

We also managed to get very excited about seeing Kevin Coster there, but that soon subsided when we realised he'd be singing rather than being a mutant fishman or dancing with wolves.

You can listen here, and don't forget, our next show will be coming direct from Vegas, so keep your RSS readers pointed over here because we're sure to have some exciting things to talk about. -Ian Morris

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