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Crave Ep. 148: App turns you into the dog whisperer

The nifty new Pet-Remote app uses Bluetooth to send commands to your dog's collar. Plus, a Christmas carol with a "Star Trek" slant.

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This week on Crave, we take a look at a robotic guitar tuner that tunes your guitar for you. We also learn how to remote-control dogs from 100 feet away with an iPhone app, and Captain Picard sings us a geeky Christmas carol. All that and more on this week's Crave show.

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-Darth Vader took an iPhone selfie?

-Teen pays $735 for photo of Xbox One on eBay

-Friday Poll: Have you ever been scammed on eBay?

-This crime-predicting robot aims to patrol our streets by 2015

-Insanely lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad

-Can this iPhone app remote-control your dog?

-Captain Picard serenades with "Let it Snow (Make it So)"

-Crave giveaway: Two Powerocks Magicstick portable batteries

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