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Crave Ep. 127: Robot battles human for golf supremacy

A golfing robot challenges a golf pro to a duel. Researchers plan to use cockroach armies for search-and-rescue missions. And are 3D-printed casts the future for broken limbs?

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This week on Crave, a robot named Jeff challenges golf pro Rory McIlroy to a game of golf on the driving range. We look at 3D-printed casts meant to counter itchiness, and researchers drive cockroaches with electrical signals in hopes of using the bugs for search-and-rescue missions. All that and more on this week's show.

Crave stories:

- The best robot vs. Rory McIlroy golf contest you will ever see

- Future of search and rescue: Cockroaches piloted by Kinect

- 3D-printed cast is made to scratch

- Smell 'camera' preserves odors for posterity

- Control how drunk the band is in awesome music vid

- Crave giveaway: Netatmo Urban Weather Station

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