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Coyote Case: Because your iPhone needs a piercing siren

Turn your iPhone into a screaming banshee with the Coyote Case, a siren alarm designed to attract help when you're in danger.

Coyote Case
Pump up the volume. Coyote Case

I never expected to see an iPhone combined with pepper spray or a taser, and, yet, those cases do exist. I therefore shouldn't be so surprised to see an iPhone combined with an ear-bleeding security siren.

Coyote Case colors
It's a screamer. Coyote Case

The Coyote Case is raising funds on Indiegogo. The case itself looks innocuous enough. You can even get it in pink. What you don't expect on first glance is the over-100-decibel siren built into it.

Triggering the siren also triggers an app that sends your GPS location to your list of emergency contacts. It sounds different enough from a car alarm to attract attention.

The siren may be just as annoying to you as to the person threatening you, but at least it gives the element of surprise. Think of it as a modern version of the British police whistle some people wear.

The case is designed to not trigger accidentally during normal use, which is good news for people who travel by airplane. Imagine the TSA meltdown if your phone went off during a security check.

Coyote Case has a long, long way to go to reach its $120,000 goal. Early bird pledgers can get a case for $60. The regular pledge price is $75, though the final retail price is expected to be $120.