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Counting kicks for nervous parents-to-be

The KickTrak keeps tally starting at 24 weeks into a pregnancy.

Baby Kick

A baby's kicks in the womb are something like family pictures: The only people who really care about them are the parents. So it's understandable if others might have doubts about the usefulness of products like the "KickTrak."

As its name implies, this device tallies kicks from 24 weeks into the pregnancy, according to OhGizmo, ostensibly to make sure that the baby is healthy and active. Although this may seem dubious to some, this may be beneficial to nervous parents like us who have slept with one eye open while worrying 24/7 during the full term. Those little kicks--which aren't always readily identifiable as such--are often the only tangible evidence we have of a baby's activity during those long waits between doctor visits and ultrasounds.

Is it a reliable way to check for problems? We have no idea. But for jittery first-time parents, $40 may be a small price to pay for a little peace of mind.