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Could also be a reference to Flash Gordon

A mistake too funny to miss.

John Gruber points to a piece of "analysis" that's simply too good not to share as far and wide as possible.

Just how will Apple meet expectations? Using the patent application as a guide, Apple appears to be making room on the iPhone for flash memory, which means an end to Apple's standoff with Adobe that's kept iPhones from easily viewing a plethora of Internet videos.

Apple has said that Adobe's flash media player, which is on hundreds of other phones, doesn't perform up to Apple's standards for the iPhone.

So flash memory means support for Adobe Flash. Brilliant.

It's almost hard to believe, isn't it? Charny diligently notes:

An Apple spokesman would not comment.

Well, to be fair, it's hard to talk when you're doubled over with laughter, milk shooting out your nose, etc.

Might Apple announce Flash support on the iPhone come Monday? Meh. Maybe? Probably not? The reasons it wouldn't have more to do with multimedia gamesmanship and the poor state of political relations between the two companies. And neither of those has changed much in the year and a half since the iPhone was announced. The Macalope thinks the possibility of a cross-marketing deal with DC Comics is more likely.