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Core i7 motherboard sticker threatens overclockers

Motherboard vendors advising users to hold back on overclocking memory on Nehalem-supporting motherboards.

A RAM slot sticker threatens permanent CPU damage.

Both the Inquirer and CustomPC have confirmed with Asus that Intel has recommended motherboard vendors warn people off from overclocking the memory on motherboards using Intel's new, Nehalem/Core i7-supporting X58 chipset. The consequences, warn the sticker, include permanent CPU damage.

The issue came to light when a poster at the XFastest forums (link currently broken), posted an image of Asus' soon-to-be-released P6T Deluxe motherboard bearing a sticker over the RAM slots advising users not to clock the memory beyond 1.65 volts.

Overclocking memory voltage is similar in concept to overclocking CPU frequency, and memory vendors such as Corsair and have sold RAM sticks specifically designed for overclocking. While most desktop customers may shrug at this news, this is a blow to enthusiasts and especially to boutique PC vendors, who have a very serious interest in getting the most out of a PC's hardware.

(Via Slashdot)