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CommunicAsia 2008--expect good things

CNET Asia brings you the best of the CommuniAsia 2008 show in Singapore.

So soon after the madness that was PC Show 2008 last week, it's now time for the annual CommunicAsia technology fair held at the Singapore Expo. Unlike the PC Show, CommunicAsia is a bona fide tradeshow meant for companies to show off their new products and technologies. Though many things like network and enterprise equipment won't really appeal to ordinary consumers, these are the things that eventually determine what kinds of services you will see from your operators in the near future. Short of showing you pictures of servers and network antennae, here's a brief preview of what to expect from CommuniAsia 2008.

Thanks to the iPhone, touchscreen phones are now hot items. Samsung has announced the Omnia SGH-i900 and will be showcasing it. Garmin will set up shop as well to display its nuvifone. We'll be bringing you more information about those over the next few days.

TV addicts will be pleased to know that DVB technology will soon take flight. As with previous years, there will be demonstrations from various companies which deal with mobile TV solutions. In Singapore, operators are already gearing up to make this available at the end of the year. At the same time, expect to see lots of mobile phones with large screens and antennas meant for this impending mobile TV movement.

Let's not forget mobile phones. Aside from all the touchscreen-enabled ones, new handsets will be announced by some of the major players. Nokia may not participate directly in CommunicAsia, but it's also when the Finnish company holds Nokia Connection. Sony Ericsson also has a press conference lined up. Going by the rumors that have been making their way across the Internet, we may just see a new Cyber-shot phone soon.

With just one more day before the show starts, exhibitors should be working their butts off now to get their booths ready for the trade. In particular, NHK, a Japanese broadcaster, has brought its ultra-high-definition display over from its homeland. Setting up this projected display, which has 16 times the resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) wasn't easy--we know, we were there to witness it. Check out our photo gallery of the operation for now, and look forward to more exciting news in the next few days.